Exploring Puzzle: The Members-Only Sanctuary on the Sunset Strip

Discover Puzzle Restaurant: An exclusive, avant-garde dining haven on the Sunset Strip. Learn about memberships, ambiance, and more.


Puzzle Restaurant is a hidden gem nestled on the iconic Sunset Strip. It offers an exclusive, members-only sanctuary that redefines fine dining for a select few. Here’s what you need to know right away:

  • Location: Sunset Strip, Los Angeles
  • Exclusivity: Limited to 111 members
  • Dining Experience: Intimate and luxurious
  • Membership Tiers: Emerald, Black, Gold, and Single Lady

Imagine a place where every dining experience feels like a private celebration. Puzzle ensures privacy and pleasure through meticulous service and ultra-private settings. With only 111 initial memberships available, it’s designed for those who seek a refined yet adventurous dining experience.

Designed with an exquisite touch, Puzzle combines fine dining with intriguing social interactions, promising legendary evenings you’ll never forget.

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What is Puzzle Restaurant?

Puzzle Restaurant is a members-only sanctuary located on the iconic Sunset Strip. It offers an exclusive and luxurious fine dining experience where privacy and pleasure are paramount.

The Unique Dining Experience

Concept: Puzzle is not just a restaurant; it’s a sensual utopia designed for fine dining and celebration. The space is impeccably designed with 15 fine dining tables, a swanky bar, and lofted DJ & dance areas. The atmosphere is both intimate and luxurious, making every visit feel like a special occasion.

Location: Situated on the bustling Sunset Strip, Puzzle is easy to find but hard to get into. The exclusivity begins right at the entrance, guarded by security to ensure only members and their invited guests are allowed in.

Atmosphere: The ambiance at Puzzle is cozy and intimate, yet filled with an air of mystery and excitement. The space is designed to foster intriguing social interactions among a curated group of individuals.

Avant-Garde: The dining experience at Puzzle is avant-garde, breaking the traditional barriers of fine dining. The restaurant features a secret entrance, adding an element of mystery and exclusivity from the moment you arrive.

Intimate Space: The layout is designed to be intimate, with ultra-privacy features for the Emerald table area and several other dining tables. This allows guests to indulge in the finest food, wine, Champagne, and spirits without any interruptions.

Membership and Exclusivity

Tiered Memberships: Puzzle offers a tiered membership system to ensure exclusivity and top-notch service. Memberships are available in three tiers: Emerald, Black, and Gold, each offering different levels of access and benefits.

Limited Access: The initial membership round is limited to just 111 members, making Puzzle one of the most exclusive dining spots in town. This limited access ensures that the restaurant can provide personalized and meticulous service to each member.

Privacy Features: Privacy is a key focus at Puzzle. From the ultra-private Emerald table area to the privacy features at many of the fine dining tables, members can enjoy their meals in a secluded and serene environment.

Puzzle is more than just a restaurant; it’s a sanctuary for those who seek an exclusive and refined dining experience. With its unique concept, intimate atmosphere, and tiered membership system, Puzzle promises legendary evenings filled with privacy, pleasure, and culinary excellence.

Inside Puzzle: The Layout and Ambiance

When you step into Puzzle Restaurant, you enter a world of elegance and exclusivity. The design is sleek and modern, with thoughtful touches that create a cozy, intimate ambiance.

The Emerald Table

The Emerald table is the crown jewel of Puzzle. This ultra-private area is designed for those who crave the highest level of discretion. Hidden from the main dining space, it offers a secluded experience where members can dine without interruptions.

Special features include:

  • Private Entrances: Ensuring no unwanted eyes.
  • Soundproofing: For confidential conversations.
  • Exclusive Service: Dedicated staff for personalized attention.

The Dining Experience

Puzzle offers a dining experience like no other. The space is meticulously designed with 15 fine dining tables, each equipped with privacy features. Whether you’re seated at a regular table or in the Emerald area, expect an intimate setting.

Bar and DJ Areas: The bar is swanky and serves top-shelf spirits, Champagne, and a curated selection of wines. The lofted DJ and dance areas add a touch of vibrant energy, making Puzzle not just a place to dine, but a place to celebrate.

Fine Food: Puzzle prides itself on its culinary offerings. The menu features the finest food, prepared with the utmost care. From gourmet appetizers to decadent desserts, every dish is a masterpiece.

Wine, Champagne, and Spirits: The drink menu is equally impressive. Members can indulge in a wide variety of wines, Champagnes, and spirits, curated to complement the exquisite food.

fine dining table - puzzle restaurant

In summary, Puzzle’s layout and ambiance are crafted to provide a luxurious and private dining experience. The design, tables, bar, and DJ areas all contribute to creating a sanctuary where members can indulge in the finest culinary delights in an exclusive setting.

Membership Tiers and Benefits

Puzzle Restaurant offers a range of membership tiers to ensure exclusivity and personalized service. Let’s break down the different tiers and their benefits:

Emerald Membership

Emerald Membership is the top tier at Puzzle Restaurant. Priced at $10,000 annually, it is limited to only 13 members. This membership guarantees your fine dining reservation request with just 24 hours’ notice. You also get first priority at the door, ensuring you never have to wait.

Exclusive Benefits:
– Guaranteed reservations with 24-hour notice
– First in line for club access
– Ultra-privacy features, especially at the Emerald table area
– Access to the finest food, wine, Champagne, and spirits

Black and Gold Memberships

Black Membership is the second tier, priced at $5,000 annually and limited to 23 members. Black members enjoy priority reservations, just behind Emerald members, and next in line for club access, space permitting.

Gold Membership is the third tier, priced at $2,500 annually and limited to 75 members. Gold members have reservation priority after Emerald and Black members and are next in line for club access, space permitting.

Common Benefits:
Black Membership:
– Priority reservations after Emerald members
– Next in line for club access
– Annual fee: $5,000

  • Gold Membership:
  • Reservation priority after Emerald and Black members
  • Club access, space permitting
  • Annual fee: $2,500

Single Lady Membership

Puzzle Restaurant also offers Single Lady Membership, which is complimentary. This membership is reserved for pre-approved, gorgeous ladies in LA who receive full access to the private club. Benefits include drinks on the house and dancing all evening to the best DJs. This membership is highly coveted and limited.

In summary, Puzzle’s membership tiers are designed to offer varying levels of exclusivity and benefits, ensuring a unique and personalized experience for each member.

Applying for Membership at Puzzle

What Makes a Successful Application?

Applying for membership at Puzzle Restaurant is a meticulous process. The goal is to ensure that each member is a perfect fit for this exclusive sanctuary on the Sunset Strip. Here’s what you need to know:

Application Process

To apply, you’ll need to fill out an online application form. Puzzle Restaurant places a high emphasis on privacy and pleasure, so all answers will be held in the strictest confidence. Be prepared to share detailed information about yourself, as anything found inaccurate will result in denial of your application.


Puzzle is looking for members who can contribute to its refined and intriguing atmosphere. The criteria include:

  • Truthfulness: Be honest in your application. Puzzle values integrity and wants to ensure a trustworthy community.
  • Verification: Your details will be verified. Inaccuracies or false information will lead to rejection.
  • Exclusivity: Puzzle only has room for the best. This means your application should stand out in terms of your personal and professional background.

Grand Opening

Puzzle Restaurant is slated to open its doors in early 2024. The anticipation is high, and the first round of memberships is limited to just 111 members. This exclusivity ensures that each member enjoys top-notch service and a truly unique dining experience.

By meeting these criteria and successfully completing the application process, you’ll join a select group of individuals who get to experience legendary evenings at Puzzle.

Next, we’ll delve into some frequently asked questions about Puzzle Restaurant, covering topics like how to become a member, membership costs, and whether you can visit without a membership.

Frequently Asked Questions about Puzzle Restaurant

How do I become a member?

To become a member of Puzzle Restaurant, you need to complete an application process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit an Application: Fill out the application form on Puzzle’s website. Be honest and accurate, as any discrepancies can lead to denial.

  2. Verification: Puzzle meticulously reviews each application to ensure all information is truthful and verifiable.

  3. Approval: If your application is approved, you will receive an invitation to join. Only 111 members will be accepted in the initial round.

  4. Payment: Pay the membership fee corresponding to your chosen tier (Emerald, Black, or Gold).

What are the membership costs?

Puzzle offers three main membership tiers, each with different costs and benefits:

  • Emerald Membership: $10,000 annually. Guarantees reservation requests with 24 hours’ notice and first-in-line access. Limited to 13 members.

  • Black Membership: $5,000 annually. Next in priority for reservations and club access, space permitting. Limited to 23 members.

  • Gold Membership: $2,500 annually. Behind Emerald and Black in reservation priority and club access, space permitting. Limited to 75 members.

Additionally, there’s a Single Lady Membership, which is complimentary and offers full access to the club for pre-approved ladies.

Can I visit without a membership?

No, you cannot visit Puzzle Restaurant without a membership. Access is strictly limited to members and their invited guests. This policy ensures the exclusivity and privacy that Puzzle promises its members.

For more information on the membership process and benefits, visit the Puzzle Restaurant website.

Next, we’ll conclude our exploration of Puzzle Restaurant, highlighting why it’s the ultimate destination for legendary evenings on the Sunset Strip.


Puzzle Restaurant is not just a place to eat; it’s an experience designed for those who appreciate exclusivity and luxury. With its unique membership tiers and ultra-private settings, Puzzle Restaurant offers an unparalleled dining atmosphere on the Sunset Strip.

Imagine enjoying fine food, wine, Champagne, and spirits in an intimate, impeccably designed space. The legendary evenings at Puzzle are made special by the curated group of intriguing individuals you get to share them with. Whether you’re dining at the ultra-private Emerald table or dancing the night away in the lofted DJ area, every moment at Puzzle is crafted to be unforgettable.

At BambamTastic Games, we recognize the importance of creating memorable experiences. Just like our games, Puzzle Restaurant offers an adventure of epic proportions, blending exclusivity with top-notch service to create a sanctuary for fine dining and celebration.

For more information on how to become a member and enjoy these legendary evenings, visit the Puzzle Restaurant website.

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