Our Mission

Find-Serve-Keep was made to be fun for those who love variety and have a propensity to dream about building their own business or personal life and are looking for a way to pass some time while playing something fun.

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Our Vision

There is so much potential with Find-Serve-Keep regarding the various worlds, characters, industries, and mini game ideas. FSK will not only be a hit but a game that people continue to play and look forward to playing because of the variety, fun and subtle learning aspect of becoming a business owner.

Company Founders

fsk character adam

Adam Degraide, CEO

Hi! I’m Adam. I am a serial software entrepreneur, avid gamer, and musician. I probably play at least 3 hours of video games a day. My wife who is gracious to me suggested in passing one day, why don’t you create a video game because you clearly love them. As we started talking about it, I said “You know what, I would love to do that, and I could mix all my life’s passions into it.”

That is how FSK was born. Find, Serve & Keep (FSK) has been my slogan in all my software businesses throughout the years. So, I came up with the idea to create a game that had a fun storyline and play style but added a twist of business and entrepreneurial elements into it. I really felt that if we could capture the FUN and add a level of business education and inspiration, we might have a winner.

fsk character krystle

Krystle DeGraide, CFO

Hi! I'm Krystle. And if you love match 3 puzzle games, cooking strategy games and simulation games, then FSK is a dead hit for you. The goal is to not only have a restaurant world but a fashion world and real estate world for the end user to choose which industry vertical they want to build out. FSK is based around the BAM Meter (Brand Awareness Meter) which is constantly grading Travis on his brand. Keeping the BAM Meter high is an important aspect of building a business and it suffers when things go wrong or marketing is neglected.

When you name your company BAMBAMTASTIC, it better be